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Polyurethane Foam Trench Breakers

Trench breakers are used in pipelines to control erosion. Sandbags have traditionally been used to keep water from running down the trench. Trench breakers are usually put at a specified distance down hills, terraces, or anywhere else that is susceptible to water problems.

Using spray foam in place of sandbag trench breakers has many benefits.

  • In most applications, Kool Foam is able to perform work from ground level, negating the need to get in the trench.
  • Allows the pipeline contractor to keep job going smoothly.
  • Allows contractor to backfill up to the trench breakers.
  • Will not break down over time. Spray Foam is an inert substance once it has cured, which only takes 24 hours. The contractor may backfill within the hour with great results.
  • For narrow trenches, there is no need to widen trench to install breakers.
  • Trench breakers can be installed in a fraction of the time as sandbags.
  • Spray foam is a better value. Think of rounding up bags, finding sand, filling the bags, transporting sandbags, placing in the trench. Now imagine letting Kool Foam bring their self-contained rig along the trench, and within minutes having a trench breaker that can conform to any shape or condition that the application requires.
  • Kool Foam utilizes the latest in spray foam technology. Our foam contains no CFCs, formaldehyde, or ozone depleting agents.
  • Spray foam bonds to the trench in a way that sandbags never will. The breaker will never shift.
  • With foam, there is no part of the trench breaker that is abrasive. There is no danger of the breaker causing the pipeline any damage.
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Trench breakers have been used during pipeline installations for decades due to pipeline trenches washing out after backfilling.  Some happen as a result of hydrated soil conditions where backfill dirt is unstable from the beginning.  Many washouts occur in the mid-continent region due to high volumes of water accumulating during major rain events in very short periods of time.

In addition to the selling points already mentioned on the main trench breaker page, the cost of remediating washouts after project completion can be very high.  Dirt contractors are called to clear out and key-in locations for breakers to be retrofitted.  Engineers specify breaker locations and Kool Foam Pipeline Services follows those guidelines to ensure proper positioning. New fill dirt has to be hauled in to replace dirt lost during the washout.  Pipe coatings may be compromised.  We are happy to serve any oil and gas company or municipality dealing with this unfortunate situation by having several mobile units capable of answering call-ins immediately.

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to the uses for spray polyurethane foam.  Pictured here is an example of SPF being sprayed into the entry side of a pipe bore.  This project involved a repair located on a golf course.  The asset manager wanted to take every measure to ensure that no dirt movement could occur causing a sinkhole.  Restoring any excavation work back to its natural state is important, but a golf course would be of utmost importance!

We were able to access this location and sprayed both sides of the bore to ensure no movement would take place since foam allows for zero sediment movement, unlike sandbags.

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