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Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC)

EPA guidelines referencing federal code requirements for containment, specifically in the oil and gas industry, employ “berms or dikes”. Dirt mounded up evenly around storage tanks is covered with bentonite, which expands and seals when wet.

Professional Engineers’ specifications are more commonly including a constructed wall with an internal liner for containment construction at new facilities. These locations include plants, refineries, tank farms, tank batteries, compressor or booster stations and agricultural applications. Why not continue with the older method? Berms are less expensive (in the short-run). Could tougher regulations be lurking? I honestly do not know.

Though berm heights and containment volumes are addressed, there’s nothing about ground penetration within the containment. The prospect of catastrophic spills happening with all the automation and daily check-ups by operators is low, but the question begs; what about the soil exposed to varying amounts of contamination over decades of use?

KOOL Foam utilizes a system that can easily remedy this for 100% containment: 1. Install a containment wall, special fabric, and a quick-cure coating, which bonds to many surfaces, such as tank supports, steel, concrete, etc. 2. Install by retro-fitting fabric and coating to upright wall systems and floors at existing locations. 3. Install fabric and coating overlays to existing berms and containment floors. In all 3 cases, fabric lays on rock, dirt, concrete, or sand containment floors.

Our current clients are choosing 100% containments in part because they know the expense to rectify contaminated locations might rival the initial cost incurred. Additionally, the environmental impact and public relations fiascos which ensue can be much costlier!

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Polyurethane Foam Trench Breakers

Trench breakers are used in pipelines to control erosion. Sandbags have traditionally been used to keep water from running down the trench. Trench breakers are usually put at a specified distance down hills, terraces, or anywhere else that is susceptible to water problems.

Using spray foam in place of sandbag trench breakers has many benefits.

  • In most applications, Kool Foam is able to perform work from ground level, negating the need to get in the trench.
  • Allows the pipeline contractor to keep job going smoothly.
  • Allows contractor to backfill up to the trench breakers.
  • Will not break down over time. Spray Foam is an inert substance once it has cured, which only takes 24 hours. The contractor may backfill within the hour with great results.
  • For narrow trenches, there is no need to widen trench to install breakers.
  • Trench breakers can be installed in a fraction of the time as sandbags.
  • Spray foam is a better value. Think of rounding up bags, finding sand, filling the bags, transporting sandbags, placing in the trench. Now imagine letting Kool Foam bring their self-contained rig along the trench, and within minutes having a trench breaker that can conform to any shape or condition that the application requires.
  • Kool Foam utilizes the latest in spray foam technology. Our foam contains no CFCs, formaldehyde, or ozone depleting agents.
  • Spray foam bonds to the trench in a way that sandbags never will. The breaker will never shift.
  • With foam, there is no part of the trench breaker that is abrasive. There is no danger of the breaker causing the pipeline any damage.
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