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Secondary Containment Solutions for Helena and Tulsa Oklahoma

Kool Foam understands that secondary containment is critical to today’s ecologically challenging environment. To that end, Kool Foam’s polyurea product utilizes the latest technology in equipment and science to serve the oil and gas industry and others by protecting assets, old and new. Benefits include:


  • Kool Foam’s polyurea is applied directly to many surfaces creating a seal which contains all kinds of liquids and is not affected by hydrocarbons.
  • Kool Foam can also incorporate a liner base to be used over existing aged containments to create a complete like-new and water tight system.
  • Steel or berm type structures are sealed by laying down a fabric which is then sprayed with several coats of polyurea, making it impermeable to water or chemicals.


  • Kool Foam’s polyurea liner is highly puncture resistant.
  • Polyurea can be tinted to your company’s specific color requirements.
  • When sprayed to appropriate mill thicknesses, our liners have a life expectancy of 30 to 50 years against chemicals and UV breakdown.
  • Kool Foam offers custom solutions to companies by retrofitting liners made to order, all the while reducing or eliminating facility down time.
  • Our product offers a 400% elongation property allowing it to adjust to extreme temperatures and weather conditions.
  • Using temperature-controlled equipment allows us flexibility to apply pyloryurea at ambient temps ranging from 0 to 120 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Polyurea liners allow for minimal down time and can be placed into service in minutes.
  • Kool Foam’s liner system can be placed around obstructions or protrusions within the containment.
  • If Kool Foam’s liner system becomes damaged, it can easily be repaired.
  • A sump option is available to aid in water or chemical removal when specified.
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  • Using a fully self-contained, climate-controlled trailer, we perform on-site application and installation services.


  • Locations include compressor or booster stations, tank farms, tank batteries, plants, refineries, water treatment facilities and many more.


  • Using a geotextile fabric where multiple coats of polyurea are sprayed, we save the asset owner time and money compared to installing new containments or repairs.

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There are many factors involved when designing a containment system that will be functional, long lasting and cost-effective.  Kool Foam Pipeline Services, LLC. provides several solutions and options for asset owners and operators.  Choose only those that serve your individual needs. 

Structural containment systems are increasingly common on new locations.  Since January 2015, we have observed countless containments at new rig sites and compressor stations.  All of these containments are erected steel with either rock beds over polyethylene liners or sprayed polyurea liners.  The polyurea systems used in conjunction with steel walls are better, for several reasons.

  • They can have walk-overs for easier worker access
  • They keep their form better than earthen berms
  • Service vehicles can have a closer approach
  • The containment footprint is smaller
  • Material handling of dirt, rock, and concrete is difficult at some locations
  • Cleaning spills in polyuria sealed containments requires less time and effort.
  • Construction is less weather-dependent

Kool Foam’s combination liner system lets you easily maintain and repair your erected steel assets for many years at very low costs. Please contact us for detailed information on this system.  We’ll work with you to find a solution to your needs!

In light of the metal containment trend mentioned above, there are still arguably 100’s of thousands of earthen berms serving tank batteries and farms, compressor/booster stations, and other facilities today.  Our liner system is a cost-effective method of upgrading those berms.  And you won’t have to take your facilities off-line while we work.  Liners can be placed over the berms and secured in place using rock or another mechanical system specified by your company.

Concrete structures are used, though much less frequently, and have been known to have issues with age.  We offer custom solutions that allow you to be flexible, depending on the extent of the problem as well as budget constraints.  Call us any time for a consultation.  We’ll ensure you have all the information you require to determine if a Kool Foam system is right for your needs.

The crews at Kool Foam focus on solutions and building long-term relationships based on trust.  We have a proven track record in the areas of safety, transparency, workmanship, top quality materials, and state-of-the-art equipment.

A consistent flow of energy is vital to America’s economic and physical security.  This is why Kool Foam serves the oil & gas industry. We provide systems proven to solve, if not avoid, problems suffered by companies trying to provide America’s energy.

Call us today for a consultation or a site visit.

Compressor Station Containment

Kool Foam Pipeline Services LLC presents itself as a company looking to provide solutions to the oil and gas industry in order to help preserve assets at facilities of all types and on pipeline projects. This project highlights one such example. 

Our team was called out to address the prospect of improving aging containment liners at multiple compressor stations in two states. Kool Foam offered a sprayed liner system that would not interrupt production or cause down time.

Our liner system consists of a custom-cut fabric underlayment on which an incredibly durable poly-urea coating is applied. Installing our retrofit liner allowed us to have some flexibility: the choice between direct application of a geotextile fabric over dirt, rock, and sand, or over-laying the existing polyethylene liner once the crushed rock was removed. Either way, spraying poly-urea to metal, concrete, pipes and our fabric, a monolithic membrane is created.

The gas company, which has operations in 18 states, needed something cost effective and safe, while having a quick return to service time. Though a tall order to fill, our secondary containment liner fit the bill. In addition to these benefits, this project does not require a rock or gravel covering. An optional sump box was specified, which was ordered and installed by our crews during the liner installation.

Kool Foam crews have successfully installed over 30 retrofit liners in various sizes and configurations. As for service after the sale, the project manager has made several site visits and corresponded with operators in order to assure quality control and the highest customer satisfaction possible.

Retrofit Liner
Optional sump box shown

EPA Containment Compliance

Foamed and Sealed with Polyurea

Kool Foam Pipeline Services LLC presents itself as a company looking to provide solutions to the oil and gas industry in order to help preserve assets at facilities of all types and on pipeline projects. This case study highlights one such example.

An existing client had an issue with a culvert within a containment berm being too low, which made the entire site non-compliant. The project manager at Kool Foam had recently met with this group regarding a site-sealing project using a geotextile fabric coated with poly-urea. The asset manager had us look at the details and offer our opinion on how to seal this area, but make it removable, should upgrades or other maintenance be necessary to the cables within the culvert.

A monolithic barrier was the only option available without having to raise the culvert to the specified berm height. The issue facing us was how to seal the aluminum trough in which the cables ran. Using our expertise as foam applicators, a plan was devised to spray a foam seal to which the fabric would be attached. Wrapping fabric around the cables would not guarantee a watertight seal. Collaboration with site operators, facilities engineers, and Kool Foam allowed this project to have a very inexpensive solution, which only took hours to complete.

A two-man crew was sent out to the site near Marrero, LA. Where the site was ready for installation of foam, then fabric and poly-urea. A clean and impermeable seal was formed at the culvert opening, which can be removed and reinstalled any time in the future.

Road Berm Project 

Poly-urea berm liner

Kool Foam Pipeline Services LLC presents itself as a company looking to provide solutions to the oil and gas industry in order to help preserve assets at facilities of all types and on pipeline projects. This project highlights one such example.

A petroleum products storage facility on the Buffalo Bayou in Houston had a soil contamination problem. Several options were on the table when we offered to visit the site and scope the project. The project manager, president and general manager all felt our poly-urea liner would be the best recommendation. We consulted with the midstream company first. Then we began communicating with an independent engineering firm who in turn, presented our proposal to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. It was determined by all parties that our liner system could effectively act as a watershed in order to protect the earth below the tainted berm from leaching.

Factors, such as project time, costs, longevity, ease of repairs, etc. where what helped Kool Foam win the confidence of the TCEQ, engineers, and the asset integrity team. Other options included replacement of the berm or cleaning the soil, either of which would have cost many times that of our impermeable covering. We were excited to show how our system could fit multiple needs: no down time, super short two week installation, liner adhesion to different surfaces, immediate walk-on and drive-on capability, and custom fitting.

An added benefit to spraying poly-urea is that we are able to apply greater mils thickness as needed. Applicators create a surface sufficient for foot traffic or heavy equipment as specified without having to use different materials or equipment. A thickness gauge is used for quality assurance during the process. The berm liner was covered with rock and is used daily for maintenance traffic.

Kool Foam project managers coordinated with the storage facility’s managers and communicated regularly with inspectors and other company contacts. Project managers also ensured the safety of their crews, as well as that of employees and other contractors. H2S monitors and other personal protection equipment were used because of the products stored in tanks inches away from our liner.

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