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The reason why so many of us enjoy the great outdoors so much is because we spend a large part of our lives inside our homes or indoors where we go to work each day.

In fact, if you examine your typical day you’ll find that we spend at least 14 hours inside our homes each day, and that’s if you currently have a full-time job.

The fact that we all spend so much time indoors makes the quality of the air we breathe even more important. Unfortunately the air quality in your home might not be quite as good as you think it is, but that’s not necessarily your fault, and there are solutions for this problem.

But let’s take a look at what actually causes poor quality indoor air before we start looking at how to “cure” your home of this uncomfortable, and smelly, problem.

Poor Air Quality & Health Issues

There is a growing mountain of medical statistics that show that respiratory problems are becoming more and more common in younger children and teenagers. Some of these respiratory problems are inherited genetic traits, but many of them are caused by environmental factors such as industrial pollutants and toxins leaking into your home. In some cases, the same toxins produced inside your home are leaking into other rooms through uninsulated wall cavities.

Typical causes of undesirable air quality inside any home can include pet hair, smoking, naturally occurring dust (from human skin), hidden mold growth, degrading building materials, smoke from furnaces, or other interior heating appliances.

Just Cleaning Isn’t Enough

Poor air quality can, and will, also cause health complications for people with existing allergies or respiratory health conditions such as asthma. The tiny spores, mites and particles of dust we can’t see or smell are a constant hazard to anyone who needs their home to be as clear of pollutants and dust as possible. The quality of the air inside your home is not directly related to how clean your home is because you can’t smell radon or dust mites, for example.

It is important to keep your home as clean as you possibly can, but there’s only so far your cleaning routine can go in improving the quality of the air you breathe inside your home. What you will need is a way to create an air barrier inside your home; a way to block out external pollution, while still being able to comfortably live inside your home.

Air Barrier for Health

The good news for people living in Oklahoma is that the SPF insulation experts at Kool Foam have the perfect solution to your problem. Urethane Spray Foam can be applied to both internal and external walls and surfaces to ensure that you can control the air flow into and around your home. If, for example, you wanted to ensure that no dust or fumes from your furnace were escaping into your bedrooms, you can have us insulate that room completely with a variety of different spray foams.

Or if you want to create an air-seal between your bedrooms and pollutants and dust from the outside world, we can inject open-cell foam into your existing cavity walls, around windows and underneath floors. This foam expands to cover every inch of your internal walls, preventing the growth and spread of molds or other pollutants because you’re now controlling the quality of the air inside your home.

Basically our Oklahoma spray foam expertise allows you to create a home with better air quality than you’ll remember enjoying in quite some time. In addition to living in a home that now has cleaner air, you’ll be living in a far quieter and better-insulated home too.

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We offer the best services for all your spray foam insulation needs.

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Secondary Containment Solutions for Helena and Tulsa Oklahoma

Kool Foam understands that secondary containment is critical to today’s ecologically challenging environment. To that end, Kool Foam’s polyurea product utilizes the latest technology in equipment and science to serve the oil and gas industry and others by protecting assets, old and new. Benefits include:


  • Kool Foam’s polyurea is applied directly to many surfaces creating a seal which contains all kinds of liquids and is not affected by hydrocarbons.
  • Kool Foam can also incorporate a liner base to be used over existing aged containments to create a complete like-new and water tight system.
  • Steel or berm type structures are sealed by laying down a fabric which is then sprayed with several coats of polyurea, making it impermeable to water or chemicals.


  • Kool Foam’s polyurea liner is highly puncture resistant.
  • Polyurea can be tinted to your company’s specific color requirements.
  • When sprayed to appropriate mill thicknesses, our liners have a life expectancy of 30 to 50 years against chemicals and UV breakdown.
  • Kool Foam offers custom solutions to companies by retrofitting liners made to order, all the while reducing or eliminating facility down time.
  • Our product offers a 400% elongation property allowing it to adjust to extreme temperatures and weather conditions.
  • Using temperature-controlled equipment allows us flexibility to apply pyloryurea at ambient temps ranging from 0 to 120 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Polyurea liners allow for minimal down time and can be placed into service in minutes.
  • Kool Foam’s liner system can be placed around obstructions or protrusions within the containment.
  • If Kool Foam’s liner system becomes damaged, it can easily be repaired.
  • A sump option is available to aid in water or chemical removal when specified.
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How to Request a Bid
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  • Using a fully self-contained, climate-controlled trailer, we perform on-site application and installation services.


  • Locations include compressor or booster stations, tank farms, tank batteries, plants, refineries, water treatment facilities and many more.


  • Using a geotextile fabric where multiple coats of polyurea are sprayed, we save the asset owner time and money compared to installing new containments or repairs.

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