But if any error occurs, don’t worry it’s part of this process. In simple words, wiping your Android device means to completely erase or remove all the data files on the device excluding the OS files. After wiping, your device’s settings is set to the default built in settings that the manufacturer has put into the device when it’s being manufactured. Even if overclocking is not that popular, you shall be able to find that altering processor speeds is quite convenient. Do you own a powerful phone and want to save up some battery then Underclocking is an option. At times there is no need of all the power our specifications offer and we can save resources. When phones were slow and needed an extra push, root users used to overclock processors to make things a bit snappier.

Google One allows for seamless and simple online backups. However, Google Photos only focuses on the photos and videos aspect of your backup data. What if you need more control over how and where your files get stored on the cloud? Google Drive is useful if you prefer to manually upload and save your backup files in an online archive accessible by a single location. The Google Drive Android app lets you easily upload any file, including videos. You can add new folders, organize your files how you like, and view them anytime from mobile or desktop.

restore stock rom from backup

This process will allow you to have all of the data from your phone placed into a backup file on your computer. Backing up your Android phone to your Google account is a simple and effective way to keep your data safe. Your Google account will keep a copy of your data safe and secure, and you can access it from any other device by signing in with your account. However, image backups perform better when disaster strikes and necessitate a complete system restoration.

PixelOS is another retake on stock Android which brings a Pixel-like user interface with added enhancements and stability. It does not go overboard with features but keeps essential utilities that can be helpful to users. The ROM is based on AOSP so the overall stability is quite good and I http://www.sunturf.co.za/2023/04/26/iris-88-lava-firmware-firmware-everything-you-need/ like the fact that it has released Android 13 builds for almost all the supported devices. The ROM is very similar to OxygenOS and brings a lot of customizability options to the point that you might feel overwhelmed.

  • The customizable panel has a gesture replacement and that’s the 3-button navbar which is highly useful for users who want the old navigation system back.
  • To combat such a situation you need to backup the Android ROM (original/pre-installed), prior to flashing a new ROM.
  • Yes, there is an alternative MediaTek flash tool called SP MDT Tool.

INTERNAL_LINK Quick Access Required Content Check Coolpad firmware versions Download Coolpad Stock ROM (Flash File) Watch Video … SP Flash Tool is an all-in-one computer software for MediaTek mobile phones. Do you want to reset the FRP lock on MediaTek Android phones? Do you want to flash stock ROM without unlocking the bootloader?