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Moisture Accumulation In Your Home: How To Prevent It

The reality is that the air we breathe contains a certain amount of moisture and there’s nothing we can do to prevent that.

In fact, if the atmosphere inside your home has a humidity level of about 50%, then that’s the ideal range for your own personal health and the longevity of your home. Too much moisture, however, is bad for both your home and your health.

The Risks

When moisture accumulates inside walls, attics, crawl spaces or ceilings it can and will lead to the growth of molds, and where molds grow insects are sure to follow. The combination of mold growth and the potential for insect infestation can lead to a wide variety of health problems for anyone living inside the property. This can include dangerous respiratory problems for the very old, the very young, or anyone with existing respiratory health problems.

Your property can also suffer structural damage because of unnoticed moisture accumulation. If enough moisture is present inside your home, it can lead to the weakening of wooden support structures and extensive damage to drywall and paint finishes. Drapes and other fabrics will also become slowly water damaged, leaving them with a “musty” odor, which is very difficult to remove.

Moisture In Your Home

The most common cause for moisture building up inside any particular home is because of a water leak somewhere on the property. In most cases water leaks can be traced back to damaged water pipes, or damaged roofing. In situations like these you’ll need to have the damaged plumbing or roofing repaired as quickly as possible.

There’s another way for moisture to slip unseen into your home and it’s through unchecked air currents. As we already mentioned, the air we breathe contains a certain amount of moisture and when a warm air current meets a cool surface the moisture contained in the warm air transforms into a liquid. This is a very gradual process, but because it’s almost invisible you won’t notice the damage in most cases, until it’s too late.

So even if your home seems perfectly well insulated from air drafts and breezes, there’s no guarantee that it is – the exposed areas of your home include crawl spaces, attics, and air ducts. These can be the paths for gallons of unwanted moisture to be deposited inside your home.

Preventing Moisture Problems

So now that you know exactly how that moisture is sneaking inside your home, you’ll also want to know how to prevent it. The good news is that spray foam provides you with a versatile and affordable way to control the air flow in and out of your home. With the help of the team at Kool Foam, your first choice for spray foam insulation in Oklahoma, you can stop moisture accumulation becoming a problem for you.

The really neat thing about using polyurethane foam to deal with this type of issue is that our foam can be used to fill underneath your home, every exposed surface in your attic, or any crawl space completely. Our foam expands to fill even the tiniest and well hidden nooks inside your walls, floors or ceilings. This means we can make your home a more comfortable and healthier place to live – we work around your lifestyle, and not the other way around.

If you’re living in Oklahoma, Kansas or Colorado and you’d like to use spray foam insulation to prevent the annoying health and household headaches caused by water accumulation, why not call Kool Foam today? We ready to get to work for you.

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