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Peace of Mind by Using Spray Foam Insulation in Oklahoma

Spray polyurethane foam, also known as SPF, is a great way to insulate homes and buildings. Spray foam has many benefits for the consumer.  This type of insulation can be sprayed into small areas which decrease energy costs, and helps keep pests out of unwanted areas.

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Spray foam insulation is very beneficial to protecting homes and buildings from the elements, unwanted pests, and decreasing energy costs by keeping the cool air in during summer and the cold out during the winter. SPF is an insulation which begins in a liquid form. When sprayed and applied to the desired area, the foam expands rapidly covering a large area. The spray can get into cracks and small spaces other insulation can’t, and provide complete coverage.  The liquid polyurethane transforms into hard, solid foam when dried.  The R-Value in spray foam is high preventing moisture build up and protecting from unwanted air from entering. With small cracks and crevices filled pests and cold air have no way to enter into the home or building providing the resident peace of mind.  This also lowers energy costs by keeping the home or building at a constant temperature.

Typically foam insulation is used in walls of buildings and homes; however SPF can be used for other purposes.  It works well for attics and basements and ceilings. SPF insulates industrial plumbing pipes and tanks along with any building that needs temperature or climate control for example a commercial cold storage facility and/or clean rooms. Using SPF can also extend the life of a roof by preventing thermal bridging and insulating gaps that may occur from fasteners. Spray foam insulation is commonly used in barges, boats, and airplanes, all benefit from the advantages of spray foam.

Spray foam insulation has many benefits for everyone and can provide comfort and peace of mind.

Kool Foam LLC can install spray foam insulation in Oklahoma for those interested in preventing moisture, decreasing energy costs, keeping pests out, and wanting a well insulated home or building.

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Why Foam Insulation?

Foam offers several advantages over traditional insulation.

Higher energy efficiency
Exceptional air sealing and R-value results in cost savings

Improved air quality
Helps prevent uncontrolled outdoor air infiltration and the penetration of allergens

Sound barrier
Can help reduce noise transfer and sound penetration

Improved moisture/condensation control
Closed cell foam offers superior performance in resisting moisture and condensation

Flexibility in framing package
High R-Value per inch allows for stud and rafter size reduction for increased living space

Flexibility in design
Tightening the house envelope enables the use of smaller HVAC equipment

Why Kool Foam?
Located in Northwest Oklahoma, Kool Foam utilizes state of the art equipment to deliver closed cell and open cell foam with a Graco Dual Proportioning system.

We have been active in the building industry for more than 12 years and have been spraying foam since 2006. We pride ourselves in building business relationships through quality work and exceptional customer service.


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