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Preserving assets of all kinds increases the life span of equipment. This helps keep production costs down while maintaining desired levels of production.

Whether you need foam insulation, polyurea coatings, liners, sound deadening, or other specialized applications, contact us today. Kool Foam crews are capable of installing systems in both new and existing facilities utilizing top safety practices and processes.

See some examples of unique projects we’ve done with clients below.

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As more storage facilities opt for above ground tanks, poly tanks are a good choice for certain liquids.  If those liquids can freeze, spray foam insulation is a great system.  The tank pictured here holds diesel exhaust fluid and our foam and coating protects the contents from drastic temperature swings, as well as the tank itself from UV exposure over time. An additional positive is that DEF shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight for long periods of time either.

The tank pictured here was sprayed with 2 inches minimum closed cell foam and then an acrylic sealer (white).

After consulting with a major energy company, we were able to create a plan to resurface multiple areas of a cooling tower that had corroded water channels.

The water tank, media trays, and channels were rusted and even had holes in several spots.  Using a special hybrid polyurea coating, Kool Foam Pipeline Services patched and coated the entire water transfer system to like-new condition for a fraction of the cost of replacing and repairing the steel.

The versatility of spray polyurethane foam insulation has served another client’s needs as seen here by helping control interior temperatures in a steel container used to house telemetry, electronic controls and other delicate equipment located at an industrial facility.  The container was then coated with an elastomeric which further seals the box and protects the foam from damaging UV rays.

Kool Foam regularly performs this type of project at all kinds of locations and environments and carries insurance further qualifying us to serve you.

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