To check if the platform is indeed down, head to Discord’s Status site and check the platform status. This site tells you the status of various Discord services as well, like the “Search” and “Payments” functionalities. Discord’s servers may have gone down, causing a Discord update to stop responding. It happens very rarely, but technical problems can cause the servers to go down temporarily. The Google Chrome process is actually running but is prevented from fully launching the application and loading the user interface due to the conflict.

  • This is essentially Windows 7 Service Pack 2 in all but name.
  • Go to the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package download page.
  • Therefore, follow these instructions to boot into safe mode.
  • Even if it was an automatic restart you just came out of, it’s still worth rebooting your PC yourself in a situation like this.

We’ve all deleted files accidentally or simply changed our minds about the necessity of a particular file or folder, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re now second-guessing that last delete. These steps should apply to all Windows operating systems that use the Recycle Bin including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and more. The contention in the draft statement that Mr. Trump had returned all government records in his possession turned out to be false. After finding that the 15 boxes contained highly sensitive documents, prosecutors issued a subpoena demanding the return of any classified documents still in Mr. Trump’s possession. Mr. Trump’s lawyers subsequently turned over more, but the later F.B.I. search found more. Update your drivers for hardware devices in order to address the incompatibility issues and reinstall the programs or the games that reported the xlive.dll problem.

If not, relax and you can now move forward to get rid of the ‘Windows 11 installation has failed’ error from your computer successfully. You need to check and make sure you have enough free space on the system drive to download and apply the latest Windows updates. If the system files needed for your OS to work properly are corrupted or missing due to certain reasons, major consequences for the entire system may be caused, including failed Windows update. When running into such problem, you should perform a System File Checker (SFC) scan to clear or repair the corrupted/missing system files. If you have multiple updates waiting to be installed on your computer, you should pick the ones used to polish critical system components to update first.

Windows 10 October 2020 Update (version 20H

Whether it’s the Group Policy Editor, Command Prompt, Task Manager of any other useful utility, you can open that using the Run tool. To make such changes, you’ll need to know how to open the Registry Editor quickly. Let’s check out some quick ways to open Registry Editor on Windows 11. You can also create a Keyboard shortcut to open the Windows Registry Editor windows 10 vcruntime140_1.dll. A complete back of your Registry will be created in a few minutes. Now you can either double-click on it to open it normally or select it, right-click on it and select Run as administrator to open it with administrative privileges and rights, as shown in the image above. Though not many users are aware of it, you can also open the Windows Registry from the Task Manager.

how long do window updates take

The software has a strong anti-malware engine and offers multi-layered protection. It is very easy to use and set up and includes parental controls. We recommend you to use a tool that can perform a thorough scan on your whole system such as Eset Antivirus. It is amongst the antiviruses with the highest detection rates. Instead, you just need to download Games for Live right from Microsoft’s website. Speaking about corruption, you might find that a third-party DLL fixer can be just what you need to solve xlive.dll issues.

How to Open Registry Editor (Regedit) Windows 10 (5 Ways) [MiniTool Tips]

The regedit Run command will also work in the Command Prompt and Powershell. You can utilize both Command Prompt and PowerShell within Windows Terminal. So, Windows Terminal provides another way to launch Registry Editor. Where RegKey is the key which needs to be searched for in the registry. As you can see, a damaged or wrongly deleted registry may cause severe problems to your computer like boot issues and data loss. If your computer won’t boot due to a damaged/deleted registry, you can also use Windows Command Prompt to recover the registry from backup.

If they don’t file within three years, the money becomes the property of the U.S. Using the Tax Withholding Estimator can help taxpayers prevent having too little tax withheld and facing an unexpected tax bill or penalty at tax time next year. Taxpayers can avoid an underpayment penalty by owing less than $1,000 at tax time or by paying most of their taxes during the year. Generally, for 2023 that means making payments of at least 90% of the tax expected on their 2023 return, or at least 100% of the tax shown on their return for tax year 2022.